Advanced Bowings Lessons- a Review

Have you noticed how there seem to be an infinite number of ways your bow can interact with the string? Your bow and how it’s used comprises the majority of your tone and technique, and properly exercising each method in practice should hold just as much value as making sure you’ve got the notes and rhythms learned.

The good folks over at have some SUPERB content about more advanced aspects of playing, with content geared toward less experienced students coming soon. While not all of my students are at this stage of advancement yet, it’s never too early to learn what’s ahead!

Their articles include videos of proper form, written explanations of bowing, and include .jpgs of music exercises for practice- and they even indicate whether or not a metronome should be used. If you’re a student of mine in middle school or high school, let me just advise you to look these over, just in case. 😉

1. Detaché bowing

2. Collé bowing

3. Martelé bowing

4. Staccato bowing (under a single stroke)

5. Sautillé bowing

6. Ricochét bowing

7. Bowing for playing chords

Let me offer a hearty “Thanks!” to those wonderful teachers who have put such effort forth in providing rich content free for use, and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn!

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