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Protected: Year 1 Online Class: October 28, 2013

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Violin Bowing- A List of Terms

With so many different types of bowing out there, one can be easily confused by the variety- and the disagreement upon terms and definitions. In an attempt to provide accurate information for my students, I have compiled an expository list

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The Physics of Your Instrument

If you play a stringed instrument, you rely on physics to produce sound. There are several ways your instrument responds to your playing in order to produce the sound it makes, and I’ve included a few links to articles, from

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Music is Music is (Pop!) Music

So… you’re a violin or viola player. Or a cello or bass player. What genres of music do you see your instrument as playing? If you immediately concluded some type of classical or, maybe, fiddling… you’re correct. You’re also only

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YouTube Videos for Practice?

It’s true! As a student these days, YouTube can be a fantastic resource of good modelling, practice techniques, and even extended instruction. I want to stress the importance, however, of choosing wisely which videos you take to heart. Some folks

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