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The Humble Etude: The Mainstay of String Technique

If you’ve ever marveled at a jaw-dropping performance by a string player on YouTube (you know the ones, where their left hand is climbing up and down the fingerboard at lightening speed while the bow works to light a fire

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Need Literature?

Have you heard of IMSLP? It stands for International Music Score Library Project, a site dedicated to preserving electronically classical music literature. If you’ve been instructed to purchase a particular piece of music (or a book of etudes!), give this

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Google Web Lab

If you’re looking for something quasi- musical to play with online, Google has created what they’ve deemed the “web lab”, where you can go and interact with a physical museum through the internet. I played around in their virtual orchestra,

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If you just found this site, congrats- you’re one of my very first viewers. I am a certified teacher in both vocal and instrumental music, and I’ve recently made the decision to become a “full-time” private lesson instructor. I live

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